The Korean Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery has a 30 year history of being the main society on laser medicine, and its members have all come together under the one objective of the development of this field, regardless of specialty. It is because we have such a wide spectrum of specialists, ranging from obstetricians-gynecologists to dermatologists to surgeons, that we are able to innovatively lead the field of laser medicine. Laser medicine is not only important academically, but it is also an essential component of future-oriented industries, which is why there is a national focus on this field. This is a critical time for our society to step forward and broaden our horizons by increasing our activity and establishing various industrial-educational cooperation complexes.

While I am president, I vow to faithfully promote our objective of academic development, protect our society’s interests, and cultivate friendship between members. In addition, I plan to develop a new form of symposium and encourage the scientific exchange between industry and university. I hope to contribute to the great future of the Korean Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery, and I ask for your active advice and earnest encouragement. The 10th administration and I will endeavor to gather the wisdom of our members for the endless development for the Korean Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery.

Thank you.

President of KSLMS